Westlands, Rhapta Road

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About Us

At Anghiti Restaurant, we have a clear objective - to bring real Indian food to the people of the world in a vibrant and exciting atmosphere. We got tired of seeing the same dishes on the same menus at Indian restaurants in Africa, and have focused on doing the food of India justice - bringing its regional variety to the African restaurant scene.

Offering a great choice of authentic dishes from different parts of India. Mouth watering chaats from the streets of old Delhi and Chandni Chowk and Rustic Kebabs cooked in traditional charcoal tandoor from Awadh are the main highlights of the menu.

The menu on the whole provides a great selection of Indian street food, kebabs, currys, dum biryanis and mouth watering desserts all made freshly in house. With great finesse, we blend culinary tradition into an overwhelming fusion of taste that electrifies any event.

"We believe using fresh ingredients is the essence of good cooking, and simplicity adds a touch of class to a well cooked dish."

We like to treat our customers to what they like best, it's a part of our philosophy and once you've chosen what type of person you are, you'll receive offers and goodies throughout the year. We call it the Anghiti Experience, an environment we've spent time developing,